We are here to support the journey of your home and understand that buying furniture online might surface some questions. Our goal is to empower you to make more mindful choices for your home, and the large one we all share: Earth.

Wholesale Information

How do I open a Wholesale Account?

To ensure personalized account support and strong stock allocations, the Wholesale Program is offered on an invite-only basis to high-volume design firms and stocking dealers. If you believe your business is a good fit, please contact info@wovenshop.com.

What are Wholesale opening and re-order minimums?

All new, pre-qualified Wholesale accounts must open with a $5,000 opening order. Reorders are $1,000 minimum, and we require a $20,000 annual sales commitment and an ability to project and forecast business annually.

What is the Wholesale discount?

For qualifying Wholesale accounts, pricing is 50% off of MAP.


Where do you manufacture?

Our materials are sourced globally (Belgian linen, Indonesian rattan, Vietnamese water hyacinth, Mexican tule), designed in San Francisco and then manufactured in the place where the expertise was honed. We specialize in natural materials and are always on the hunt to unearth new and old-world techniques in weaving, material innovation and manufacturing. Our pieces are touched by skilled human hands partnering only with supply chain partners that share our values.

How is Woven and the products you make sustainable?

There’s a journey within every piece we design and make, from sourcing regenerative natural materials to working with vendors who share our values. 

Our process begins with timeless designs, we don’t chase trends or subscribe to “looks” and instead draw inspiration for most of our products from vintage or artisanal weaving traditions.  We only use natural and non-virgin materials, but are also committed to material innovation, introducing upcycled or bio-based materials.  

All of our core materials are sustainable from rattan and jute to teak and seagrass. We only use sustainable woods (Acacia, Teak, Mindi, Mango, and Oak) that are responsibly harvested and managed by regulated plantations or FSC certification. And in a category dominated overwhelmingly by petroleum-based fibers, we choose recycled and natural fabrics in our upholstery as well as bio-based latex foam and 100% recycled batting and filling.

We are big believers that with a little mindful care, we can help you prolong the life of your pieces, pass them on or resell them.  As part of the cycle of circularity, we collect and sell European vintage and encourage you to layer both old and new pieces in your home.   

Frankly, our work is never done.  As our journey continues, we are committed to taking the time to find the least impactful, most sustainable ways of creating pieces that are good for you and our planet. To learn more visit Our Sustainability page.

Which products are best for homes with children & pets?

Our founders have a house full of children and dogs and we think about this question often.  While we don’t believe houses or the things we put in them should be too precious, we do believe we should be mindful about those choices.

What we do know is that being around natural elements is good for us.  While nothing replaces a walk by the ocean or in the woods, Woven products bring nature in.  Science and studies in the areas of biophilic design have shown that natural products can help reduce stress, increase cognitive performance, improve healing, positively affect emotion, and make us feel calmer and centered.  Natural products are also generally much safer than synthetic ones because they don’t contain harmful chemicals that can be released into the air.  Our spaces and the products we use and surround ourselves with contribute to our health and well-being – your choice matters.

Natural doesn’t come at the expense of quality. Woven products are made by skilled artisans and tradesmen, are durable and stand the test of time and wear.  While they aren’t indestructible, mindful care will certainly prolong their life.  

No one knows more about your home better than you but we contend every home can benefit from the natural. 

Do you have any certifications?

To qualify as a "responsible" product at Woven, that item or material should carry a third-party sustainability designation such as Forest Stewardship Council Certification (FSC), Timber Legality Verification System Certification (SVLK) or Global Organic Textile Standard. We’re constantly seeking new ways to design our products in a more sustainable way and look to partner with credible certifications and collaborators. We strive to work with materials that we know are grown, harvested, and processed in a thoughtful way with transparency and efficiency. 

Orders, Shipping, & Delivery

How long will my order take?

Orders are received and processed within 3- 5business days. Transit time is subject to stock status, the size and value of the order, but typically will not exceed 7-10 business days. Visit our Shipping Info page to learn more.

Where does Woven ship?

Woven ships to the continental United States, and does not currently ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico. For these states and international shipping, customer must have a freight forwarder. To learn more, please email info@wovenshop.com.

Is White Glove Delivery available?

White Glove Delivery is available on select oversized items and large orders and will include inside delivery of item(s) to a room of choice, up to 2 staircases, and packaging removal. White Glove option and pricing will populate at checkout. After your order is placed, a member of our Customer Service team will reach out to schedule delivery. If you are unsure of your order, please be sure to retain the packaging so that it may be eligible for return. 

Do you ship internationally?

For international shipping, customer must have a freight forwarder. To learn more, please email info@wovenshop.com.

Where do orders ship from?

Woven orders ship from our warehouse in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Can I use my own carrier?

You may opt to use a third party carrier at any time. Please contact customer service at info@wovenshop.com before placing the order so that your account information can be updated.

When will items be back in stock?

In-stock dates, when available, are listed on the product page. Note that dates are estimates and are subject to change. If stock information is not available, you may contact info@wovenshop.com.


What is your return policy?

Woven retains the right to repair, replace, credit, or refund at our discretion. All claims must be filed using our Return Authorization Form. Upon receipt of a submitted Return Authorization Form, our team will ensure that all necessary fields have been included and will reply to the claim between 3-5 business days. We do not accept returns for buyer’s remorse.


How do I care for my outdoor product(s)?

All our products are made of natural materials and thus will change over time subject to environmental factors like humidity, temperature, and placement. Keep covered during inclement weather and store indoors while not in use. For specific instructions on outdoor suitable materials like skin on rattan and teak, visit our Product Care page. 

How do I clean upholstery?

The majority of our covers can be easily unzipped from the cushion for spot treatment, laundering, or dry cleaning. Visit our Product Care page to learn more about your specific fabric.